Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Fast Flow Augers manufactured?

Fast Flow Augers are proudly Australian Made. The factory is in Sydney.

Where can we purchase a Fast Flow Auger?

Most augers are purchased from the factory. So, please contact us direct. We do have, however, a small number of agents. If they are in your area you may prefer to contact them. Please refer to the dealer area of our site.

How is a Fast Flow Auger delivered?

In a flat pack. This enables us to supply augers Australia wide.

What is involved in assembly?

Conventional augers usually take two people half a day to complete. Swing Away augers usually take two people one and a half days. The only special equipment needed is a front end loader. The flat packs come with full assembly instructions.

What tyres, rims and batteries are supplied?

We look to the farmer to source their own tyres, rims and battery. The wheel hubs will suit Ford 14" rims. Given we send augers Australia wide, the freight in many cases is more than the tyres and rims are worth. Batteries are best sourced locally as any damage during transport may result in acid spills.

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